Raph Graybill is one of the most talented lawyers I have met. A fifth generation Montanan he currently serves as Chief Legal Counsel to Governor Bullock. He has work experience as both an attorney and a police officer.

He has practiced before the US Supreme Court, and also won a landmark decision before the Montana Supreme Court to protect public lands. He sued the IRS successfully preventing dark out-of-state money to invade Montana elections.

His opponent intends to join a lawsuit that would terminate the Affordable Care Act. It would rip away health coverage for 112,000 Montanans, eliminate Medicaid expansion which covers 90,000 Montanans and protects rural clinics and hospitals who would have to close without it.

People with pre-existing conditions would suddenly find it impossible to get health insurance. He supports the transfer of public lands into the hands of the highest bidder (Russian oligarchs and Chinese party officials), while Graybill has rolled out a plan to protect public lands and increase access from illegally blocked public roads.

Graybill’s opponent wants to defund the Montana Department of Justice and while in the legislature he voted for a bill that would allow Montana to secede from the United States. Millions of dark moneys are flooding in to support Graybill’s opponent.

Rarely has the ballot choice been so clear. Graybill is a highly qualified lawyer; his opponent supports policies that would hurt Montanans severely.

The other campaign is that of the the State Auditor who doesn’t actually audit anything but regulates insurance and securities.

The obvious choice is Shane Morigeau who was born in Ronan as a member of the Salish and Kootenai tribe. In 1805 his great-grandfather, Three Eagles, welcomed Lewis and Clark, provided them with blankets and gave them horses to continue their journey.

While attending UM Law School Morigeau spent his summers fighting fires.

As House Minority Whip Morigeau worked across the aisle with Republicans to pass the strongest bill protecting students and child sex abuse victims.

As state auditor, Shane is committed to hold insurance companies accountable, protect consumers from investment fraud, ensure that health insurance rates are fair and affordable and keeping public lands in public hands.

His opponent is a fraud; there is no other way of saying it. He moved to Montana only a couple of years ago yet claimed residency for years prior to illegally get a hunting license (which gained him nine convictions for poaching) and to save California taxes. He blamed his accountants, and the “Deep State” (for real!).

While Morigeau enjoys 64 endorsements from community organizations and government officials, his opponent lists only three, one of which is Michael Flynn, who plead guilty to a felony count of making false statements to the FBI.

It is obvious that we should vote for Morigeau as State Auditor, an honest man from Montana, rather than somebody who moved here just a couple of years ago with a baggage of legal offenses.

Raph Graybill for Attorney General and Shane Morigeau for State Auditor!

Klaus von Stutterheim, Seeley Lake