Wylie Galt, Rep. R Martinsdale, has introduced HB 505, a goldmine for landowners and outfitters, which intends to take licensing of non-residents out of the hands of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. This bill would establish landowner licenses for, not only cows, but also for bulls.

A new license, Class B-13, is a landowner sponsored non-resident elk combination that would allow a landowner to sponsor up to 10 license applicants pursuant to this section if the landowner owns 640 acres or more contiguous acres within a hunting district.

HB 505 allows license use only on the owner’s property in accordance with rules adopted by the Fish and Game commission for general elk.

This is privatizing of public wildlife. Sooner or later this type of legislative bill will result in total loss of our wildlife and hunting heritage. Make no mistake about it. Greed is the driving force behind HB 505.

If sportsmen do not stand up and be counted, our descendants will be buying hunting licenses from landowners and outfitters, licenses to hunt wildlife that is owned by the public.

Let us face the truth. Any hunting of our wildlife for profit is a subsidy provided by Montanans.

Harold Johns, Butte