Count me as a proud supporter of Josh Slotnick for Missoula County Commissioner. For 20 years we have worked together improving and expanding Garden City Harvest and raising kids who’ve been friends since preschool.

I know Josh to be incredibly principled, inquisitive, thoughtful and innovative. He seeks input and is not afraid to make difficult decisions. He is the kind of leader we need. He has shown his longtime concern on issues like affordable housing as a Homeword board member and grappled with development issues on the Planning Board.

He has done this while simultaneously overseeing the PEAS farm, helping run his family farm, Clark Fork Organics, teaching at the University of Montana and being an involved parent to his three kids. He is such a hard worker who does his homework.

As a parent, volunteer and long-time Missoula resident, I am so pleased that Missoula County will have such a thoughtful Commissioner. Please join me in voting for Josh Slotnick for the fresh leadership we need on the Missoula County Commission.