As someone who has spent my career in the private sector, nonprofit sector, and two decades in public service for the state of Montana, including working for Gov. Brian Schweitzer, I am supporting Whitney Williams for Governor and her running mate Buzz Mattelin.

As a team they bring exactly what I believe Montana needs to move forward at this very difficult time. She and Buzz are leaders and problem solvers with vast experience in Montana and beyond. They will consider the needs of all of Montana, including small and rural towns often overlooked.

Expertise is not just years of experience - it’s also about leadership. Working outside state government is not a bad thing, and just because someone has worked in government doesn't necessarily mean they can get the job done.

I also believe that Whitney can beat a Republican in the general election and retain the Governor's seat. Let’s open the door to a new generation of leadership. Whitney will hit the ground running with energy, new ideas, vision, and experience to manage our public health and economic health.

I strongly believe that it's time to look to the future, not just to the past.  Vote WhtineyBuzz2020