If you’ve ever enjoyed baked goods, empanadas, or other foods from a small cottage-food producer in Montana, you have Kathleen Williams to thank. She has a proven track record of working to diversify and strengthen Montana’s economy, which is why we support her for Congress.

Before 2015, Montana banned cottage food businesses, which process certain safe foods in home kitchens. This posed a huge regulatory barrier for small processors and entrepreneurs hoping to start food businesses. And it meant that Montanans were missing out on some great local products.

Then-legislator, Kathleen Williams listened to stakeholders, did her homework, and got a cottage food bill passed. Rather than copy the regulations that other states had in place, like Vermont, Williams brought people together from across Montana’s economy and political spectrum to craft a law with Montanans in mind.

Williams lowered regulatory barriers, protected public health, and as a result, new local businesses have been created and new products exist. Our local food economy is more resilient, which is why it is booming now during the pandemic.

Kathleen is the common-sense leader we need in the US House of Representatives. She listens. She brings people together to find practical solutions. She will serve all Montanans, not special interests.