Martin Kidston

(Missoula Current) Ten of the Missoula City Council's 12 members on Thursday issued a statement in support of Rep. Zooey Zepher, who was banned from the House floor earlier this week by the GOP majority.

Council members said they stand in support of Montana's only openly transgender member of the Legislature, who represents part of Missoula.

“In the past week, the Montana Legislature's actions to silence Representative Zephyr have been immoral and anti-democratic. Using the power of the majority to censor the minority is exactly what our democracy seeks to prohibit. Representative Zephyr’s lived experience and steadfast commitment to those she represents is being attacked by this legislature,” the council wrote.

The two council members who didn't sign the letter include Sandra Vasecka and John Contos. Both are considered conservatives who won their seats in 2019 with the support of “Team Liberty.”

But the council's other 10 members joined Missoula County commissioners in supporting Zephyr and condemning the Republican majority for banning her under the guise of “decorum.”

“Further, any perceived issue of decorum has long since been eclipsed by the extreme heavy handedness in punishing Rep. Zephyr. Representative Zephyr carries the voice of those who elected her to represent them in this 68 legislative session,” the council wrote.

Council member Stacie Anderson on Thursday said the Legislature's “treatment of a fellow elected official has been deplorable.”

“She was duly elected by her constituents and has a right to represent them,” Anderson told the Current. “The GOP super majority has spent a ridiculous amount of time on culture war issues and not issues that actually benefit the average Montana's lives.”

Earlier this week, Missoula County commissioners and Mayor Jordan Hess also issued a statement supporting Zephyr, saying in part “We see you and we hear you.”