A group of residents living near Fort Missoula Regional Park have asked the county to create a no-parking zone, citing a public nuisance during some park events.

Shane Stack, the county's public works director, said the county can create a no-parking zone on country roads and remove illegally parked vehicles under state law.

The concerned residents live on Tower Street off South Avenue and have joined neighbor Kirk Hennefer in their request to the county.

“Mr. Hennefer reached out to some of his neighbors, and they've signed a petition,” Stack said. “They've had concerns about folks parking on Tower Street that were attending events at the park. They've requested a no-parking zone.”

Fort Missoula Regional Park, the city's largest sporting facility, includes a number of soccer fields, softball fields, lacrosse, rugby and other activities. During some events, spillover parking ends up on Tower Street, which sits across from the park.

As proposed, the no-parking zone would run the full length of Tower Street from South to Central avenues on the east and a portion of the block on the west.

The county has taken similar actions at other locations, including portions of East Missoula, along with Tamarack Road on the Clark Fork River and near the Kona and Maclay bridges on the Bitterroot River.

If approved by commissioners, the county would install no-parking signs on Tower Street and authorize law enforcement to enforce the new regulations.