President Donald Trump on Friday said he'll “be there” to support Sen. Steve Daines' bid for reelection this November, leading to speculation the Commander in Chief may make a return trip to Montana heading into the General Election.

Daines faces outgoing Gov. Steve Bullock in the hotly contested race, which could determine the Senate majority.

The social media exchange led to a series of reactions on Friday, which started with Daines' thanking voters for his easy win in the recent primary election.

“Let's win this November!” Daines tweeted.

Trump responded by tweeting, “No contest. Steve blows him (Bullock) away. I'll be there to help Steve win big!”

Daines responded, “Montana can't wait to have you back, Mr. President!”

Trump made several trips to Montana in 2018 in support of Republican candidates, including Rep. Greg Gianforte and Matt Rosendale, who ultimately lost to Sen. Jon Tester.

One of those campaign stops included Missoula, prompting Missoula County commissioners to seek reimbursement for $13,000 in security costs related to the partisan rally.

In all, Trump's four visits to Montana in 2016 cost state taxpayers around $100,000 in all, including $13,000 in Missoula County, $10,500 in Gallatin County, $35,000 in Yellowstone County and $40,000 in Cascade County.

Missoula County went so far as to send a bill to the Rosendale campaign, but it never received any acknowledgment, let alone $13,000 in reimbursement from his campaign coffers.

Local governments are still reeling from the financial impacts of the economic shutdown related the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Friday, Missoula County Commissioner Dave Strohmaier welcomed Trump back to Montana, but asked him to bring his checkbook.

“Mr. Trump can certainly come to Montana, but he better bring his checkbook with him if he comes to Missoula County!” Strohmaier stated on Facebook. “Local government should NOT shoulder the burden of public safety/law enforcement costs for a purely partisan campaign event.”