(Missoula Current) The Missoula County Courthouses was among several across the state and nation on Thursday to receive a bomb threat.

Missoula County Sheriff spokesperson Jeannette Smith said county employees reported for work Thursday morning when an anonymous threat was sent by email to the Clerk of Court.

The threat said explosives had been placed inside the Missoula County Courthouse. The Sheriff was informed of the threat and knew it had been sent to multiple state and local agencies across the nation.

"We gave our employees the option to leave until they had cleared the courthouse, but they all chose to stay," one county official told the Missoula Current. "The threat was super vague and said a bomb had been placed in your court, and in every court in the state."

At this time, nothing suspicious has been found, per Smith. The sheriff's office is working closely with the FBI to further investigate what appears to be an unfounded threat.

The Montana Capitol building also received a bomb threat this week but nothing was found.