(Missoula Current) The Missoula Fire Department stopped a fire from spreading deeper into the Pattee Creek Market on Tuesday in a response that drew 20 firefighters and 10 units.

Damage to the southside market was estimated a $15,000 while $5 million in property was saved, according to fire officials. The fire remains under investigation.

According to Battalion Chief Dave Wolter, the fire was reported at 2:21 p.m. in a dumpster behind the Pattee Creek Market. It quickly spread from there.

“The fire was in a large construction dumpster next to the building and spread quickly to the back wall and roof of the Pattee Creek Market,” Wolter said. “The call was promptly upgraded to a commercial structure fire where all five of Missoula Fire Department station crews were then dispatched to the scene, along with several support vehicles.”

Wolter said officers with the Missoula Police Department also responded to help evacuate the building and direct fire crews to the dumpster. Fire crews were able to contain the fire on the back wall and roof and extinguish the burning dumpster.

“A large forklift was used to move the dumpster away from the building to limit the exposure and allow for complete extinguishment,” Wolter said. “The roof was currently in the process of being replaced at the time of the fire.”

No injuries were reported.