A Missoula based company that provides diagnostic technology and an international healthcare firm have created a new partnership to support the development of new testing services.

FYR Diagnostics of Missoula and Medicover announced the partnership this week to support the development and implementation of new clinical trials, novel diagnostic technologies and testing services.

“This collaboration represents a milestone for our Precision Medicine activities in the United States and expands our global reach and offerings to pharmaceutical partners,” Rainer Metzger, head of Integrated Clinical Services at Medicover, said in a release announcing the partnership.

The two companies will utilize the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments developed by FYR to support the development of new clinical services.

The partnership also will clear the way for other potential opportunities and projects, including those that support rare diseases with unmet clinical needs.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with Medicover and use our joint expertise and resources to support clinical trial assay development and implementation,” said FYR Diagnostics CEO Chris Booth.

Medicover is a leading international healthcare and diagnostic services company founded in 1995. It currently employs 38,000 people and operates in many ambulatory clinics, hospitals, specialty-care facilities and laboratories, including markets in Poland and Germany.

FYR Diagnostics, based in Missoula – a growing healthcare and technology hub – is currently developing non-invasive liquid biopsy diagnostic solutions that use biomarkers to connect a number of diseases with unmet clinical needs, such as cancers and neurological disorders.

“We have been impressed with the FYR Diagnostics team and look forward to working with them further,” said Metzger. “We are thrilled to partner with them.”