(Missoula Current) Missoula patients needing an MRI or ultrasound won't have to wait as long once a new imaging center opens on South Reserve Street.

Radiologist Dr. Timothy McCue is nearly finished converting a former Reserve Street bank into the Montana Imaging Center – a project that began in March and is nearing completion.

“There can be obstacles to getting an MRI in the Missoula area and western Montana,” McCue said in a statement. “I saw a need for more affordable imaging and shorter wait times for patients seeking those services.

McCue said patients in the region often deal with long wait times for critical imaging services, which are used to reveal a range of neurological disorders and torn ligaments.

Such appointments can take weeks under the city's current healthcare structure. McCue said medical procedures delayed by Covid can take even longer.

“The Montana Imaging Center anticipates cutting those wait times significantly, leading to faster diagnosis and more peace of mind for families across western Montana,” McCue said.

McCue has practiced radiology and sports medicine for more than 20 years. A Montana native, he served as Head Team Physician for the University of Montana, where he supervised the medical needs of student-athletes and UM students.

Converting the former bank into the Montana Imaging Center, located at 1510 S. Reserve Street, required a full interior renovation. Claire Matten, who led the sale of the Montana Imaging Center, said increased demand for medical services will make similar conversions more common.

“Breathing new life into a building takes vision, a great architectural and construction team - and most importantly, the right zoning,” said Matten. “We’re seeing more people turn to adaptive reuse as the price of land, labor and materials increases.”