Kim Dudick

The 2023 Montana Legislature is done — so what happens now? If you were interested or concerned about what happened in the legislature this year, this event by the Public Policy Institute is for you. Join with others at “What Happens Now: A Civil Discourse About The Montana Constitution And The Montana Legislature” this Saturday, May 20th, from 2:45 - 5:45 pm at the Missoula Public Library, Cooper Space A 40I.

An exciting group of leaders will present. You will hear from Montana Constitutional Delegate Mae Nan Ellingson about the importance of the Montana Constitution and the unique protections it provides for our rights.

Missoula County Commissioner Josh Slotnick will discuss ways individuals can be involved locally if they want to shape Missoula County and advocate for the issues they care about.

Historian and Former Senator Diane Sands will discuss the history of the legislature, why the legislative interim session is so important, and how people can be involved in it. Even though the 2023 Legislative Session has ended, interim legislative committees still meet, discuss issues, and work on proposed bills from now until the 2025 Legislative Session begins.

Missoula Senator Willis Curdy and Missoula Representative Bob Carter will talk about their experiences in the session and what they believe people can expect this interim session.

Former Representative Kimberly Dudik will discuss how lawsuits have been used to stop laws the legislature has passed that were unconstitutional.

If you care about your rights (whether about reproductive healthcare access, free and quality public education, or a clean and healthful environment), you will not want to miss this unique opportunity.

The event is free and open to the public. It is supported with grants from the Missoula Community Foundation and through a Media Assistance Grant from Missoula Community Access Television. It will be available for streaming on MCAT Channel 189. For questions email