(Missoula Current) In a new partnership, the University of Montana is working to develop a novel education and training program to position Montana as a “global leader” in turning out skilled workers for the ServiceNow technology platform.

The Whole Group – the university's partner – is a new venture focused on delivering ServiceNow technology solutions to business and government customers around the world.

The organization selected Montana as the ideal location to build a skilled workforce, the university said.

“UM is continuing to do whatever we can to adapt and innovate to meet the needs of local employers,” said UM President Seth Bodnar. “Through this new partnership, we can create another durable pipeline for Montanans to gain the skills needed to earn a high-paying job.”

The effort also has the backing of the Montana Department of Commerce. Agency director Scott Osterman said that when combined with the Montana work ethic, the new partnership with two- and four-year degree programs will open up new opportunities.

“In-line with Governor Gianforte’s pro-jobs, pro-business policies, Commerce is laser-focused on the creation of more, good-paying jobs for Montanans and this announcement of a world-class ServiceNow career path will meet the needs of both Montana companies and businesses across the globe that leverage the ServiceNow platform, while keeping this talent in our state,” he said in a statement.

The university, along with Missoula College, Helena College and Accelerate Montana, will work with The Whole Group to offer multiple pathways for current and future students to develop ServiceNow skills.

The partnership will enable students to pursue good-paying jobs and careers working for Montana employers of ServiceNow talent, or work remotely for national and international employers of ServiceNow skilled workers.

“This partnership will provide students with ServiceNow skills and the work-based learning opportunities needed to pursue careers in a high-demand technical field,” said Missoula College Dean Tom Gallagher.

ServiceNow helps digitize and unify organizations so they can find smarter, faster and better ways to make work flow.

With over 7,000 global enterprise customers, including about 85% of the Fortune 500, many of the leading brands and government agencies rely on ServiceNow solutions using the Now Platform – the intelligent and intuitive cloud platform - for successful digital transformation.

“We believe that technology careers should be accessible, attainable and equitable - reducing the income and opportunity disparity across many communities today,” said The Whole Group’s Paul Andrew. “We decided to base our global business in Montana, supporting customers around the world, based on the fact that many of our team members and leaders built their careers in Montana.