(Missoula Current) A shelter for young mothers on Monday said it's now under contract to purchase the Hillside Health and Rehabilitation facility, a move that will give the organization more room to carry out its mission.

Mountain Home Montana, a Missoula nonprofit that provides shelter to children and young mothers, said the new location will enable the organization to expand its services in the coming years.

“We're seeing record-high referrals of families living without secure housing, access to childcare, livable wages, or a support network,” Mountain Home executive director Steph Goble said in a statement. “This project will help us address all these issues with the care that supports moms and their children through the many chapters of parenthood.”

The Hillside property will enable Mountain Home to expand its childcare capacity and expand or develop new programs. It can also provide substance use services and function as a community resource for other nonprofits.

Mountain Home said the space also provides a more safe and secure campus with easy access to public transportation and other amenities.

“We have grown so much over the past 22 years, but the need for our unique program and services continues to grow,” said board chair Jamie McConnell. “This new property is an exciting opportunity that will allow us to serve even more families.”

Mountain Home is one of only three organizations in Montana that provides wrap-around care for young families. As one of Montana’s first trauma-informed childcare centers for children under 3, it serves as a resource for other human service organizations.

Mountain Home said it also maintains deep partnerships with outside employers and schools to help families achieve their academic goals and seek employment and benefits to support their families.

The new location will enable the organization to further such efforts.

“We're thrilled and inspired to have the support of the former property owner, incredible donors, partners, and others to make this dream a reality,” said Goble.