If a plan is as only as good as its implementation, the city and county of Missoula are willing to pony up to ensure staff understand the regulations baked into a master plan intended to guide growth in the Mullan area for the next few decades.

Missoula County this week approved a contract amendment with Dover, Kohl and Partners in the amount of $20,000 to train staff and area developers on working with the “Sxwtpqyen (Mullan) Traditional Neighborhood Development Form-Based Code.”

While the name is lengthy, the code is intended to provide the necessary standards and review to ensure the Mullan neighborhood master plan is properly implemented and followed.

“We're going to hold meetings with staff on how to administer the new form-based code, and training with the development community,” said Andrew Hagemeier. “We're also going to have a couple of applications drawn up by Dover Kohl.”

Missoula County and the Missoula City Council in early December unanimously passed their intent to adopt the Mullan Area Master Plan.

The master plan outlines the vision and regulations for a large area west of Reserve Street. The plan has been in development for more than a year and has already won the approval of the Consolidated Planning Board.

Now, the city and county want to ensure the plan is fully understood by all parties involved with carrying it out.

“It was something we planned to do as we went through the process, but it became apparent we were going to need more training,” Hagemeier said. “We were originally going to do a staff training and community training, but the city wanted to do some more.”

Of the $20,000, the county will pay $5,000 and the city will pay $15,000.

“They're going to get more out of this than we are,” Hagemeier said. “The contract will expire in June, and we'll be all done by then.”

Construction in the area is expected to begin this spring.