The Public Service Commission is ignoring its constituents and climate science.

NorthWestern Energy's final draft of its 20-year energy Resource Procurement Plan was released last week. Despite the 10,000 comments written and spoken to the PSC about this plan, the PSC is allowing NorthWestern Energy to transition our coal-powered energy to another fossil-fuel energy source, natural gas.

The greenhouse gas emissions from NorthWestern Energy are predicted to not lower at all throughout the 20-years with this plan.

The Public Service Commission, regulating the energy monopolies, has the largest political influence on the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from our state.

Current Public Service commissioners Roger Koopman and Bob Lake continue to deny the climate crisis.

The PSC's constituents are demanding that we transition to 100 percent renewable energy, but the PSC has continued to side with NW Energy's natural gas plan.

Why won't the PSC listen to science or its constituents? I am running for the Public Service Commission in our district to make sure that the utility monopolies work towards mitigating climate change and to make sure that Montanan's voices are heard.