Montana Voices: Don’t let the tobacco companies win in November

In every state that has significantly raised cigarette taxes, smoking rates have gone down and the U.S. surgeon general says this is especially true among kids.

The tobacco industry wants to deceive you with glossy TV ads. Don’t buy into their lies. I-185 will reduce the number of kids who take up smoking, increase funds for our state tobacco prevention program, and help people quit. Revenue will also go to treating Medicaid patients, veterans, and seniors, who have a high rate of tobacco-related illnesses.

You might not be aware, but the tobacco industry targets low-income communities, marketing flavored brands that are thought to be especially addictive and giving huge discounts to hook people on tobacco products. We don’t have to take this – that’s what citizens initiatives are for. Vote for I-185.

Laura Salyers is a Missoula physician.