Missoula Letters: Medicaid expansion pinching healthcare workers who need care

I’ve been a healthcare worker for about 20 years caring for the elderly and people with disabilities. I work hard at my job, although at times it’s emotionally and physically stressful. But I love what I’m doing and it is very rewarding.

Our agency provides health insurance but you need to work 30 hours a week, which I cannot because of my husband’s SSI. Before they passed Medicaid expansion I did not qualify for Medicaid, so when I was diagnosed with endometriosis and needed surgery, I was scared.

It was very stressful worrying how I was going to pay for the bill. Fortunately, I received help through a local charity.

After they passed the Medicaid expansion, I enrolled in the program and my life has been so much better. Because of Medicaid expansion, I have been able to receive preventive care, vision and dental care. I was able to get new glasses for the first time in decades, and can better care for my clients.

Republicans and Democrats need to work together across the aisle to lift the sunset on the Medicaid expansion, because caregivers like me cannot afford to lose our health care.