Voices: Bryce Bennett’s plan is the right one; would fund mail-in June primary

In the midst of a pandemic which has turned our everyday lives upside down, we are seeing leaders step up around the world. Bryce Bennett, running for Secretary of State, is one of those leaders. On March 17th, he released his plan to strengthen our democracy against COVID-19.

His 9-point plan includes strategies such as allowing counties to conduct the June primary entirely by mail ballot and allocating funding to protect the health of election workers.

This not only avoids large gatherings of people, but it also saves Counties significant human resources needed to assist voters at their polling locations and process ballots. More than ever we need to protect our election processes so that they are accessible to folks who are threatened by this virus.

We need to ensure that this outbreak and potential effects on our elections can’t be taken advantage of by dark money interests and out-of-state powers. One way we can do this is by electing leaders who will react creatively, effectively, and swiftly to major events like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out Bryce’s entire plan at www.bennettformontana.com/covidplan and vote for someone who is going to fight tooth and nail to ensure our democracy stands strong.