Letters: Daines the strong leader against China we need

Over the past two or three decades, China has been on the rise.

Unfortunately, that nation is also led by a ruthless, highly authoritarian dictatorship. While we should learn to be friends of all people, we should not hesitate to condemn oppression.

The crimes against freedom committed by the government of China are countless. Prominent examples have been in the news lately: restrictions on freedom of speech continue to be tightened in response to protests in Hong Kong over the breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration, the U.N. has declared that China’s actions in Xinjiang fit the definition of genocide, and our own government is considering the real possibility that Chinese social media apps are covers for spyware. These are all on top of the fact that the Chinese government bungled the response to Covid-19 and the African Swine Fever, escalating both pandemics.

We need leaders in our government who are not afraid to call out the actions of dictatorships for what they are, which is why we need to support Steve Daines for Senate this fall. He holds nothing intrinsic against China, and has demonstrated his willingness to cooperate with their people when wise. However, in face of the devastating impacts of Covid-19, he has been firm in calling for sanctions against the Chinese government.

For these reasons and more, Steve Daines has my vote this fall.