Letters: Time for Montana to adopt automatic voter registration

It never fails to surprise me that so many people who would like to vote are not registered. Currently, Montana has an “opt-in” voter registration system, where eligible voters must actively seek out voter registration.

While many people may want to register, registering is often put on the back burner in our busy lives. However, there is a solution to this issue– automatic voter registration.

Automatic voter registration would streamline the process of registering to vote. Whenever someone gets or renews their MT drivers license or MT state ID, they would be automatically registered to vote, unless they choose to opt-out (registration would not be compulsory). Voter information would also be automatically updated, which would decrease long lines and delays on election day.

In other states where automatic voter registration has been implemented, the number of registered voters has greatly increased, regardless of the size or partisanship of the population. Anyone who has a drivers license or state ID could benefit from automatic voter registration.

This convenience would allow more Montana voters to register, promoting a healthier democracy in Montana and the U.S. by making our voices heard. I support the automatic voter registration system in Montana.