Letters: PSC needs science, experience and Monica Tranel

Voting down ballot can be a lot harder than voting at the top of the ticket. Unfamiliar names, obscure issues, mysterious commissions. Fortunately, one down ballot issue this year is crystal clear.

Monica Tranel, born on a ranch in eastern Montana, will wake up the Public Service Commission. Tranel has a work ethic that got her onto the US Olympic rowing team. She is the only candidate with first-hand experience of how the commission works. She was a staff attorney for the PSC and legislative counsel to Senator Conrad Burns.

She fully understands the opportunities the changing energy economy will bring to Montana and will apply a science-based perspective to a Commission who currently embarrass us by being stacked with climate change deniers. She will always favor you, the consumer, over the interests of utility monopolies.

Things are changing, Montanans. We need science, we need experience, we need a future focus. Monica Tranel will bring all of these to the PSC. Please vote for her.