Letters: Kathleen Williams the right choice for U.S. House

Recently, I have received a couple of misleading mailers from the Montana Republican State Central Committee attacking Kathleen Williams and claiming she “wants to take away your Second Amendment rights.” Don’t believe the Republican and NRA propaganda about Kathleen. It is not true!

I have been a gun owner, shooter and hunter for the past sixty years. I know Kathleen, and have spoken with her about her views on firearms. Kathleen is a firearms owner and hunter; and like many of my hunting companions, she supports reasonable, commonsense legislation that respects our right to keep and bear arms, but makes it more difficult for people who have no business owning firearms to acquire them.

How many more school shootings and public massacres carried out by deranged or mentally unstable individuals with easy, legal access to “military style” firearms are we willing to tolerate in the name of the Second Amendment? Responsible gun owners can have guns and better gun laws at the same time.

As a gun-owning sportsman and public lands advocate, I fully support Kathleen Williams’ candidacy to be Montana’s next U.S. Congresswoman and would much rather have her represent my interests in Congress than her Republican opponent.

Gary Wolfe, Missoula