Literally.  If you, despite all the evidence, choose not to wear a face mask or follow the protocols of the county health professionals, I’ll not debate the issue with you. I accept your choice. But you must accept responsibility for your actions. Have the courage of your convictions. To that end, if you get Covid-19:

Pledge NOT to accept medical care.
Pledge NOT to endanger doctors, nurses and the medical staff.
Pledge NOT to use up precious hospital space and medical supplies.
Pledge NOT to endanger other citizens - grocery, bank, restaurants, etc.
In short, go home and self isolate.  Either heal or die.

Write out this pledge, with all your contact information and sign it and have it notarized and distribute it to police, fire and medical emergency personnel.  Also to your doctor, county health officials and all hospitals and medical facilities in your area.  They should put you on a “do not respond to” database and make it public.

Your actions affect others.  If you choose NOT to be part of the solution, then it’s your problem.  Not ours.