Partnership Health Center will expand its behavioral health and dental services in Superior next year when Mineral Community Hospital begins offering primary care at its clinic, the organizations announced this week.

Laurie Francis, executive director of Partnership Health in Missoula, said the clinic has offered an array of health care services in Superior over the past five years.

But as Mineral Community Hospital adds its own primary care, that will enable Partnership to focus its services elsewhere. That includes hiring more staff for behavioral health and expanding hours at its dental clinic in Superior.

“The conversations between PHC Superior and Mineral Community Hospital have been about serving community and individual needs,” said Francis. “Both organizations believe this is the best way to be available to folks in the community and support a strong hospital presence, now and into the future.”

Francis said patients in Superior can transfer care to Mineral Community Hospital or maintain primary care through Partnership in Missoula. Both clinics will help patients evaluate their health care options and transfer records if needed.

“This collaborative effort will allow PHC to expand mental health and dental services, and MCH to expand to offer primary medical care,” said Steve McNeece, CEO at Mineral Community Hospital. “The leadership and staff from PHC have been outstanding to work with on this effort, and we're very excited for the expansion of mental, oral and primary care that will occur from our shared efforts and cooperation.”