The University of Montana ranks No. 6 among medium-sized schools on the Peace Corps’ 2019 list of top volunteer-producing colleges and universities. Currently 31 UM alumni volunteer in countries around the world, including Paraguay, Morocco, Mozambique and Mongolia.

“We have seen time and again that the colleges and universities that produce the most Peace Corps volunteers focus on cultivating global citizens in addition to promoting scholarship,” said Peace Corps Director Jody Olsen.

“I am proud that so many graduates of these esteemed institutions leverage their educations to make the world a better place. They bring critical skills to communities around the world and gain hands-on, life-changing experience along the way.”

Since the Peace Corps’ founding in 1961, more than 880 alumni from UM have served abroad as volunteers. View an interactive map that shows where UM alumni currently are serving.

The Peace Corps ranks its top volunteer-producing colleges and universities annually according to student body size. Follow this link to view the complete 2019 rankings of the top 25 schools in each category.