(Missoula Current) Three of the four funding requests floated by Missoula County Public Schools were approved by voters in Tuesday's school election.

Of the three that passed, two did so narrowly, including the High School District General Fund Levy, which passed with 15,479 in favor and 14,658 against, and the Elementary District Safety Levy, which passed with 9,630 in favor and 9,301 against.

“We are grateful for the continued support of Missoula residents and voters,” Superintendent Micah Hill said in a statement. “Although Missoula voters have historically been supportive of MCPS funding requests in the past, we recognize that this year was an especially tough time for property taxpayers throughout Missoula County.”

The Elementary District General Fund Levy passed by a larger margin with 11,394 in favor and 7,603 against. The High School District Safety Levy failed with 13,742 in favor and 16,393 against.

“We are naturally disappointed that the high school safety levy fell short, as it would have been significant in providing very needed resources in serving our students and staff,” said Hill. “We will continue to work hard to earn the respect and trust from our taxpayers that will help us provide the students and families of our district with an exceptional educational experience.”