Editor's Note: With the ballot set, the Missoula Current asked each of the three City Council members who are seeking reelection to articulate why they're doing so, and what they hope to achieve in another term. This is the second of their responses. The Missoula Current will also run similar articles on the other candidates who have filed for City Council over the coming weeks.

Why are you running for reelection?

The Missoula City Council appointed me in November 2017 to complete the current term. This is my first campaign to represent Ward 2.

The past 18 months have been a tremendous learning experience which has required thoughtful decisions regarding our city’s finances, land use and development, transportation, public health and safety, and parks and conservation.

I am seeking election because a full term would allow sufficient time to make more substantial progress on issues that affect Ward 2 and the community at large. My principal concerns and issues include growth and development, affordable housing, our transportation network, and homelessness.

What would you do with another term?

I would like to continue my work on issues related to affordable housing. Particularly, I want to help implement our proposed housing policy as well as our 10-year plan to end homelessness. I intend to expand on the council’s work regarding annexation, growth and transportation in our community, and eventually develop plans and guidelines that will better assess and direct growth in our valley.

I hope to work on finding new funding mechanisms that will ease the burden currently placed on property owners. It is imperative to address these issues in order to retain the unique attributes of Missoula.

By confronting these challenges, the city will maintain its status as a healthy and economically robust community where all residents can thrive for generations to come.