Missoula is blessed with an abundance of good candidates to choose from in the upcoming primary. From my perspective as a Missoula County commissioner, one of the main qualities that I'm looking for in a candidate is his or her ability to work with other legislators across the state, understand statewide issues, and accomplish results for local government.

That's why I strongly endorse Connie Keogh for House District 91.

More often than not what we try to accomplish in county government is in spite of, not because of, the legislature in Helena. Connie will help change that dynamic. Having lived and worked in both eastern and western Montana, and having resided in both urban and rural areas, Connie knows the state and will hit the ground running.

Considering her work as an educator, passionate conservationist, and supporter of organized labor, I'm confident Connie will advocate for local government. Cutting to the chase, I believe that Connie is the candidate best poised in House District 91 to blend experience and vision to realize results for Missoula County.

Please join me in voting for Connie Keogh.