(Missoula Current) A growing Missoula software company on Wednesday launched a new product that enables companies to meet employee demand for sponsored donations, including contributions to more than 3,000 vetted nonprofits.

Submittable, based in downtown Missoula, said the new platform represents a single, holistic suite for corporate social responsibility that offers opportunities ranging from volunteering to employee giving.

“Corporate giving is a true win-win-win, helping companies meet retention, recruiting and culture goals, aligning employee and corporate values, and directly benefiting nonprofits,” said Sam Caplan, vice president of social impact at Submittable.

In its announcement, Submittable said the Give platform creates a simpler way to donate. It replaces forms, spreadsheets and direct payments with a clean interface that integrates with accounting and payroll systems for easy one-time or ongoing deductions.

Caplan said the platform comes integrated with over 3,000 nonprofits vetted through a partnership with Global Giving, and can tie to ongoing volunteering and community investment initiatives. Built-in reporting also makes it easy for both administrators and employees to see, understand and measure their impact.

That could further strengthen engagement.

“Technology can help companies struggling with management and participation for their giving programs, and tie into other initiatives like volunteering and community investment to create a stronger, holistic corporate social responsibility initiative,” Caplan said.

Submittable has found a niche as a social impact forum that's currently used by thousands of worldwide companies and governments. Together, they run more than 134,000 programs using the company's software and collected nearly 22 million applications to date.

According to the American Charities Report, employees show strong preference for corporate giving, with 71% saying it’s important to them.

But a separate study by Deloitte suggests that only 37% of corporations participate, mainly due to the challenges presented by existing platforms. Caplain said Submittable's platform makes giving easy while simplifying employer management.