Here in Montana, we have a special relationship with our surroundings. We live close to the land and close to the wild animals that inhabit it, and we work fiercely to defend the wildness that defines our outdoor heritage and our way of life. 

There’s so much in our state that’s worth standing up for. 

Montana is home to rugged alpine wilderness and endless sagebrush seas. It features some of our nation’s most elusive predators, including wolverines, wolves and lynx, as well as many of the most iconic symbols of the American West, including bison, American eagles and grizzly bears. 

We live in daily awe-inspiring beauty that humbles us, grounds us, and shapes who we are. So it’s no surprise that, time and time again, polls show that Montanans are passionate about protecting our wild lands and our wildlife. 

But the job of defending our wild has never been harder than it is today. 

A recent report found that worldwide species and ecosystem diversity is declining faster than at any time in human history. Because of developmental pressures, our changing climate and other impacts, the report estimates that 1 million species are threatened with extinction.  

Despite those grave risks, the Trump administration announced a new rule this week that severely weakens the Endangered Species Act -- one of our nation’s bedrock environmental laws that protects wildlife and plants that are in danger of extinction. Since its enactment in 1973, over 95 percent of the species under its protection have survived, including Montana’s bull trout, and hundreds are on the path to recovery.  

With its new rule, the administration is punching holes in this critical safety net, leaving our most vulnerable species at an even greater risk. 

A weakened Endangered Species act will make it more difficult to save threatened species as well as species impacted by climate change, including the wolverine. It will also make it easier for companies to develop mines, pipelines and other industrial sites inside wild places that are critical for endangered species’ survival. 

Volunteers with the Endangered Species Coalition visited congressional offices this week to speak in defense of the Endangered Species Act. (Endangered Species Coalition)
Volunteers with the Endangered Species Coalition visited congressional offices this week to speak in defense of the Endangered Species Act. (Endangered Species Coalition)

That isn’t who we are. These aren’t Montana values.

That’s the message that we, along with dozens of other Montanans across the state, delivered to Senator Tester and Senator Daines this week. Organized by the Endangered Species Coalition, we joined thousands of constituents across the country for a day of action for imperiled wildlife – writing letters, stopping by district offices, and making our voices heard. 

We had a simple ask: Stop extinction. 

Our elected officials must stand up for Montana’s wildlife by defending and strengthening the Endangered Species Act; they should create new opportunities for species to thrive by protecting wildlife corridors; and finally, they should work with the states to strengthen their wildlife protections as well.  

Now is the time to defend our wild, before it’s gone. 

Skye Borden is the Director of Environment Montana and Derek Goldman is the Northern Rockies Representative of the Endangered Species Coalition.

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