Andy Roubik

When Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico’s electrical grid in 2017 it was the responsibility of our U.S. Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, to oversee its restoration.

Zinke sprang into action and awarded a preposterous $300 million no-bid contract to an electrical contractor from Whitefish that his son had worked for and had a total of 2 employees when the hurricane struck.

Nearly 3.5 million Americans were in desperate need of aid and recovery and Zinke decided to give his buddy a bone instead of taking care of the Americans he was responsible for.

This is not something Montanans do. This contract lacked transparency and awarded outrageous salaries and even had a clause that prohibited oversight!

Zinke resigned in disgrace in December 2018, less than 2 years of service with no less than 18 federal investigations into his conduct. Ryan Zinke is ethically challenged and cannot resist the temptation to further his business interests or those of his cronies.

My vote will go to Monica Tranel who is not ethically challenged and will represent the people of Montana with the integrity that Ryan Zinke lacks.

Andy Roubik, Corvallis