When Sen. Steve Daines took the stage at the Make America Great Again rally in Missoula on Thursday night, he opened his seven-minute speech by saying, “Thank God Hillary Clinton is not president of the United States.”

The comment earned Daines a rousing round of cheers from the crowd of Trump supporters, who broke out in the now-familiar chant of “Lock her up.”

“This is is also a time that we can say thank God Justice Kavanaugh is on the U.S. Supreme Court,” Daines said. “I’m so thankful President Trump is the president of this great nation.”

Daines spent most of his time praising Trump and his agenda, from border security and immigration to lower taxes and fewer government regulations. Later in the evening, Trump would return the favor, calling Daines “the strong and silent type,” adding, “I want to be that way some day.”

You can view Daines' entire speech here.