Molly Bradford

It's been some time since I have been this excited about political races in Missoula and Montana. In the entertainment world, when you can dance, sing and act, you are called a "triple threat."

We Missoulians are lucky enough to have a "triple threat" of strong, intelligent female candidates ready to serve us in local, state and national races: Andrea Davis for Missoula Mayor, Shannon O'Brien for Montana State Superintendent of Schools and Monica Tranel for US Congress.

This letter is my endorsement for all three, but most eminently for Andrea Davis for Missoula Mayor (ballots due Nov 7, 2023).  I've known Andrea as a friend, fellow outdoorswomen and local businesswoman for 25-years. She is fair, patient, persistent and creative in her approach - especially in the most critical back-country and front-country situations.

Andrea is an agile human who has and will continue to successfully unite politicians, donors, volunteers and citizens across party lines on some of the most pressing issues of our time: affordable housing, homelessness, (free and green) public transportation, a clean energy future, sustainable growth, equity and inclusion for all, and state-wide alliances to address our tax structure.

My vote is Andrea Davis for Missoula Mayor.