Frank and Maggie Allen

In Montana’s Legislature, Tom France represents everybody in House District 94.

Lo and behold, we’ve discovered that Tom deserves re-election.

Why? First there are his strong work ethic, deep Montana values and integrity. As an attorney, Tom argued persuasively in the 1999 landmark case that affirmed Montanans’ fundamental right to a clean and healthful environment. He stands up frequently for our state’s constitutional right of privacy, including women’s rights to make their own reproductive choices.

We’ve witnessed Tom’s conversational skills and other capabilities. He’s reasonable, empathetic, pragmatic, trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly and brave.

His history and law degrees are from the University of Montana. Since 1981, he has worked for the National Wildlife Federation, based here, serving in regional leadership roles—and gaining insights pertinent to natural-resource issues facing the Legislature. He has collaborated with farmers, ranchers, loggers and conservationists to find durable solutions to stubborn problems.

Tom recognizes the huge need for affordable housing. He believes he has “core obligations” to be “frugal with tax money” and to “strengthen Montana’s public education system.”

In contrast, his opponent is silent about her education and her knowledge about the Legislature. However, she does make this claim: “I have never been more sure of where God is calling me to be in such a time as this!”