Having read the opinion of Daniel James in the 5-31 edition of the Missoula Current, I have some questions and comments on the piece.

Has Mr. James ever served in the military?  He evidently doesn't know the history of this Country, and how we have dealt with Russia in the past.  Putin only knows and recognizes strength from America's president. He understood that with Trump. Biden is not respected by Putin. His weakness jumped out at all of us with his removal of troops from Afghanistan. The whole world saw he was weak.  

My Commander in Chief was John F. Kennedy, when Khrushchev put Russian missiles in Cuba.  Kennedy called his bluff. As a sailor stationed at a Naval Air Base in Morocco, I was proud of what my president did to protect our country.  The Navy ship I was transferred to in 1962 had been one of many our country sent to blockade Cuba from any further Russian missiles.

I was proud to be a member of the military that had a strong leader. Eisenhower was president when I enlisted in the Navy. Wow; two strong leaders in my Navy career. 

There are those of us in this country that are proud to be Americans; proud to be a veteran and agreed with Donald Trump that America needed to be Great Again.  Even though I disagree with most everything David James had to say; I respect the fact that he has his opinion, and I have mine.

God bless America, and keep Us all safe and strong, while maintaining our right to free speech and to bear arms.