Jerome Walker

I’m a retired neurologist in my eighties. Thank you for attempting to “debate” Donald Trump, which is impossible since he doesn’t stick to the facts.

Thanks to you and your administration for creating the strongest economy in the world, lowering drug costs, protecting democracy and Ukraine, and making big progress against global warming, a very real threat we Montanans will soon struggle with during fire season.

Given that the median age at inauguration for U.S. presidents is 55 years, both you at 81 and Trump at 78 are simply too old for the job. Everybody — including myself — suffers from decreasing mental ability and stamina with age.

Many countries require physicians to retire between 55 and 70. Airline pilots must retire at 65. Being President means being on call for crises 24/7 for four long years, the world’s most exhausting job!

I retired at 68 and enjoy spending time with family, as you and Jill deserve to do after your 52 years of service as Senator, Vice President, and President. I urge you to pass the torch and force the Democratic Convention to run a younger candidate with better chances of protecting the world’s oldest democracy.