Jerome Walker

Retired, I love Montana but in deep winter prefer southern New Mexico. Living close to the border, making day trips to Mexico, and volunteering to medically screen legal immigrants, I’ve encountered border issues personally.

President Biden’s executive order sealing the border when illegal crossings exceed 2500 people/day was a desperate act, but the only option left to him. The order will be challenged in court, maybe successfully, as it was when President Trump ordered the border closed completely in 2017.

Several decades ago we signed, along with many other countries, treaties allowing for asylum seeking, which since then has exploded worldwide due to climate change and both gang and political violence.

The permanent, common-sense obvious solution requires funds to hire more border guards and immigration judges, upgrade border equipment, and build walls near populated areas (walls are easy targets for gang “coyotes” in remote areas).

Several months ago, Congress hammered out bipartisan compromises to spend the necessary money. Trump, badly needing a campaign issue, instead ordered his MAGA followers to kill the plan and blame Biden. In November, let’s send politicians to Washington who will solve problems, not just obstruct solutions.