Daniel Carlino

Young people today are looking towards a future that feels uncertain. The “American Dream” of one day owning our homes and being able to support a family is being lost. While many of us are doing everything we can to still afford to live in Missoula and make a good life here, we should not have to do it alone.

We need a government who is willing to make fundamental changes to our system to allow us all the opportunity to thrive in Missoula. That is why I am supporting Gwen Nicholson in her run for City Council, Ward 1.

I have seen her show up to City council to advocate for a more equitable and affordable Missoula time and time again. How our tax dollars are spent, what our city policies entail, and how our community should grow must be decided with care, an open ear, and passion to keep Missoula as such a special place.

Gwen Nicholson has shown a strong willingness to stand up for everyday Missoulians and will bring much needed change to our City Council. I hope you will join me in supporting her in this election.