Prioritizing self-reliance when considering our energy sources is more important than ever.

As the war in Ukraine rages on, our stock markets have downturned and gas and energy prices have soared; the world feels on edge. Everyone – both here in Great Falls and across Montana — could use more security when it comes to facing our future. 

Clean energy provides that security. It gives us the ability to rely on ourselves and frees us from volatile global markets. Because it comes from the wind and sun – abundant resources in Montana – clean energy can be produced here.

It doesn’t have to be shipped halfway across the country or world for that matter, ultimately making it much cheaper. Along the way, investments made into clean energy will create high-paying, quality jobs in our own communities. 

I appreciate the work leaders like Sen. Jon Tester have done to support clean energy investments, like in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. I am encouraged by his leadership in the continued discussions around clean energy and climate legislation in the U.S. Senate.

If the clean energy package passes, all of us Montanans will benefit from its investments as our energy prices drop and our communities become more self-reliant.