Carole Mackin

Can conservative Republicans require a female to give up some privacy rights while pregnant? They can ask, but 100 legislators and 51% of the voters must agree to change the Constitution.

And even if Montana amends privacy rights, it’s not enough.

Montanans also have a list of Inalienable Rights in Section 3: “All persons are born free and have certain inalienable rights.”

Such as: the right to pursue life’s basic necessities the right to defend life and liberty
the right to seek safety, health and happiness.

I bet you read past the words: “All persons are born free...”  Those who are “born” have Inalienable Rights. Can conservatives convince legislators and voters to give the rights of citizens to those yet unborn?

Altering constitutional rights is a slippery slope. Consider gun ownership. If voters can easily amend one set of rights, they can amend others.