Laulette Hansen

I was very disappointed to find Steve Daines still clinging to the pretense of his so-called Montana Sportsman's Conservation Act, which in fact serves neither Montana nor her sportsmen, and isn't intended to.

Instead, Daines' act strips protection from 100,000 acres of land already protected, available for use and enjoyment by Montana sportsmen for a multitude of purposes.

Three wilderness study areas - the Wales Creek, Hoodoo Mountain, and Middle Fork Judith - are favored for protection by 84% of Montanans; 84% who would like nothing better than for Senator Daines to join them in a public meeting (perhaps on the radio, where listeners could call in from all over the state?), and listen to the views of his constituents on our public wild lands, and weigh in with their true priorities and values.

Instead, Daines has chosen to close his doors to all but a few special interest groups.

Only 6% of Montanans support his new bill. Come out of your special interest cave, Steve - there are some real Montana sportsmen (and women!) out here who would like to share their ideas and hear yours. They’re your constituents; you might like them.