Jamie McConnell

I’m writing in support of Andrea Davis’ candidacy for mayor.

Andrea has been a notable leader in our community for decades, and has the skills and experience we need to address our community’s most pressing issues, like affordable housing.

Missoula is facing a housing crisis that is making it nearly impossible for working folks to afford to purchase or even rent a place to call home.

Andrea’s experience as executive director of Homeword, a non-profit committed to expanding affordable and sustainable housing in Montana, has given her in depth knowledge of the contributing factors and the solutions we need to address Missoula’s housing issues.

Andrea has served on the Board of Directors of many community organizations, providing vital leadership that has helped to strengthen transportation services and economic opportunities in Missoula.

I’m voting for Andrea because she has what it takes to lead our community. I hope you join me in electing Andrea as our next mayor.