Editor's note: This letter was one of several received prior to the Aug. 23 deadline for accepting letters regarding local municipal races.

Cindy Weese

Andrea Davis is uniquely qualified to serve as Missoula’s mayor. She has the experience, skills and personal fortitude to address Missoula’s most significant challenges and capitalize on its emerging opportunities.

Unlike other candidates running for mayor, Andrea has specific and measurable examples of what she has done to address what is arguably the most significant problem facing our community.

Other candidates have participated in conversations about Missoula’s affordable housing crisis, but Andrea has been the expert at the table and a leader in the field. For 15 years she has successfully led Homeword, the award-winning organization where she manages up to $200 million in government and private sector funding to build affordable homes for everyday people across the state.

As the director of a community based nonprofit organization, Andrea is accustomed to transparency and accountability. She reports to government and private investors, accounting for every dollar spent, as well as detailing the impact of funded projects.

Her constituents also include rental tenants, prospective homebuyers, employees, community partners, donors and policy makers. She is widely known as an innovative thinker, an experienced collaborator and a graceful leader – qualities she will bring to the Mayor’s office.

She has my vote!