Ann Quirk

Andrea Davis, as Mayor of Missoula, will bring to her first elective office the preparation of years of service at city, county and state levels.

She has 22 years of experience in the housing sector, developing affordable housing for Montanans, and 15 years as executive director of Homeword, the non-profit that has built or restored over 1300 homes statewide and offers financial skill-building for prospective home buyers.

Andrea has expanded Homeword from serving 2 communities to 14, an expansion of range and budget (currently $100 million across Montana) demonstrating both her large vision and her abilities and commitment to accomplishing major plans.

In short, she gets things done.

In addition, her service on multiple boards, including Mountain Line, NeighborWorks Montana, Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Advisory Committee, among others, and leadership of the Montana Housing Coalition, gives her a multi-point perspective for policy, planning, complex conversations and coalitions.

A genuine leader, Andrea has not only sound knowledge of her state, her fellow Montanans, and her service responsibilities, but also a well-tuned desire to listen carefully to Missoulians. Andrea Davis’s readiness, energy, discipline and good will toward us all will make her a timely and exceptional Mayor of Missoula.