Christine and Marco Littig

Missoula has long been home to artists and builders, musicians and plumbers, students and bakers, problem-solvers and dreamers.

Our lack of affordable housing has not only seen our community lose valued employees with valued skills and services but essential community members who made the impossible possible and cultivated the soul and spirit of our home.

The challenge before us is daunting and the solutions must be swift, comprehensive and specific to our community.

We are fortunate to have three strong candidates running for mayor. Jordan Hess has been a capable interim mayor Missoula needed after losing our four-term mayor. Mike Nugent has shown himself to be a capable and caring City Council person. The role now requires a leader.  A leader with experience and connections (both locally and statewide) to address our housing crisis head on.

Missoula Mayoral candidate Andrea’ Davis has 22 years of experience working with the city, state, public, and private investors on housing issues. She has 15 years of executive experience as the Director of Homeword.

She knows that this issue must be addressed on all fronts, through collaboration, cooperation, and decisive directed action.

She is the right person at the right time.

Christine and Marco Littig and former owners of Bernices Bakery and RedBird, respectfully.