Tracy Sharp

The debt ceiling bill, championed and passed thanks in part to Representative Zinke, is a small step towards finding a sustainable and effective trajectory for healthy economic growth.

Both Parties have for too long willfully created inflation through the false belief that as long as they have a printing press, they can create wealth. Spending must/must be cut, and even raising the debt ceiling contributes to the illusion of wealth year after year.

But doing so under this plan is at least an effort to cut crippling, unnecessary spending. The Biden administration's answer to every problem is "more suffering for the little people." They are willing to let taxpayers suffer the consequences of default on our debt.

We can urge our lone Democrat, Senator Tester, to be the voice of reason and get DC Democrats to work across the aisle and do what is best for the people they represent, but it is not likely he will lift a finger to do anything contrary to the dictates of his true leader, Chuck Schumer—Montanans be damned.

Defaulting on the debt would shock the economy and could displace thousands of veterans, seniors, and rural Montanans. The US should not default on its debt, and I urge Senator Tester to do the right thing for Montanans instead of his pals inside the beltway. He needs to vote in support of this bill.

Tracy Sharp is the Lake County Republican Central Committee Chair