David James

Historians argue an attack on truth is an attack to the heart of democracy. Without truth, nothing is believed. Not the news media, not politicians, certainly not politicians of a different stripe. Once doubt is established, violence and hatred are the result.

Truth about inflation is one example. Inflation is a pain. What is not true about the cause is federal spending. What causes inflation and higher oil prices? The pandemic and the war in Ukraine has caused a huge backlog in importing oil, auto parts, and even imported food such as avocados, or meat butchered in China.

Oil prices are also attributed to the refusal of the Saudis and OPEC to increase production and greedy oil companies that choose to charge more because they can. While you and I are paying more for basic items, such as gasoline for our cars, oil company executives have enjoyed bonuses that are at record highs. Inflation is a worldwide issue; though the US inflation rate is lower than European countries and second only to Canada in the western hemisphere.

David James
David James

The truth is that inflation is simply a GOP talking point to win an election by blaming Democrats and Biden. What is their solution? Cut Social Security and Medicare and taxes on the wealthy. Divert spending for public schools to private schools. Inflation hurts average Americans but the Biden Administration is doing something about it.

The GDP is growing, unemployment is at a record low, gas and drug prices are going down.  Construction is booming. Why? Because Democrats and Biden passed legislation to address inflation with little help from Republicans.

Another attack on truth is the ‘supposed increase’ in crime. This is a red herring. The crime rate has not risen during the Biden administration. What Republicans don’t want you to know is the crime rate is higher in Republican controlled states than states controlled by Democrats.

Republicans perpetuate these wild accusations that distract people’s attention to the real problems. The result is loss of faith in our government, frustration leading to violence, and ultimately citizens submitting to authoritarian leaders in hopes of solving the purported problems.

What a voter genuinely needs to know is your right to privacy, your right to marry who you want, your right to control decisions about your bodies, your right to be treated as a respected citizen with the same rights as everyone, the right of public schools to teach a true history of our country and not have books in your library banned.

One party denies the result of an election if they lose. This election is about our ability to have a free and fair election. It’s about democracy itself. Americans must agree that truth and democracy matter.