William Barber

This letter is for Jim Elliott in response to his piece in the Belgrade News date Oct. 26 2023. Me thinks you are calling out the Republicans on things Democrats have done for years.

Under the Roosevelt Administration they tried packing the court and talk about doing the same recently. What really bothers me is the Democrats willing to spend us into the poor house. The Republicans do it too but at least they voice the opinion it is wrong.

Also Democratic leadership is unwilling to give us a number of when aborting a viable fetus is a no go. And no one is willing to present a bill that is comprehensive on the abortion issue.

And why are you as a Democratic willing to cater to all the Communist stuff in their manifesto to take over the government. They do not have the people's welfare in mind. Passed Communist governments have failed and have killed millions. Why aren't you, Tester and others in Democratic leadership pushing back on these people.

You might want to read my letter to editor in the Belgrade News of last week. The last Democratic that was a true patriot was JFK. What a shame, our country is lost.

William Barber, Belgrade